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We are the leading heat treating company in both technologies and facilities within the country.  Products are processed in accordance with the desired hardness and material requirements. We can provide induction hardening, low-frequency heat treatment, mid-frequency heat treatment as well as gear only heat treatments in our facilities by experienced veterans.
We are pleased to consult you for product requirement and specifications.

Heat Treating Operational Capabilities

Heat Treating for Gears

Induction Hardening
Mid-frequency Heat Treatment

Low-frequency Heat Treating


Complex shapes
Special materials

Minimizing the strain
Improved wear resistance

Large Products
Deep hardened layer

Processing Range

∼ φ 10,000 x 10,000 L

∼ φ 2000 x 10,000 L

∼ φ 2000

Hardening Depth

∼ 10 mm

∼ 20 mm

∼ 70 mm



Piston Rods

Winch drums

Wire drums

Press Rams

Back-up Rolls

Internal Gears

Helical Gears


Oversized Parts

Other Industrial Machinery