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Our corporate strategy focuses on the success of our customers to grow together.  We demonstrate our commitment in the quality of our services and products throughout the process that defines checkpoints for every product we process.

Founded in 1971, we started as a heat treating business for the shipbuilding, marine, industrial machinery, steel plant and automobile industries.  For the past 45 years, we have established ourselves as the leading heat treatment company in the country.

Finding solutions and solving problems in the tough situations have led us in the top position to work with in the industry.   We hold the most versatile technology in low-frequency heat treatment for the rolls in the cold rolling mill process and S.P.M (Skin Pass Mill) process. Contact us for a technical consulting.

We adopt the latest technology resources through the collaboration with research centres.  Our staff are qualified experts in the field and committed veterans.  They make sure each product meets individual requirements and specifications through the process.

Our facilities are located across two sites in the heart of an industrial region in the country.  Each facility brings specific areas of expertise to our business.  Our production processes flourish by how we execute the management system and monitor the process checkpoints  from design to delivery of product

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