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Constant innovation and striving to provide with the highest quality are our rational methodology to run the company.   FINE H.F. is built on customers’ trust and credibility during the immense political and economical changes in Korea for the past 40 years. We will continue to pursue for new technologies and better products to become one of the great companies of the world.




  • Expanding its Roll processing plant at Haman
  • Registered as a POSCO Cold Mill Supplier
  • Signed MOU with Seah Special Steel Corporation


  • Installation of additional large machining processing line
  • Introduced GAS type large tempering (x3500 x3500 x 11000) (100 Ton / CH)
  • Installation of country’s largest sub-zero treatment facility  (-150 °C, 5 Ton/CH)
  • Introduced five IGBT high-frequency heat treatment machine in 1 ~ 30 KHz/1500 KW, 10 ~ 30 KHz/350 KW, and 0.65 ~ 5 KHz / 1000 KW
  • Introduced dual-frequency, low-frequency heat treatment machine (60/250 Hz x 300KW)
  • Development of  GIRTH GEAR high-frequency furnace equipment for Chiang Kai Shek airport
  •  Obtained QS9000 quality system certification, SQ MARK certification, IS 09001: 2000 quality system, and single PPM quality certification


  • Obtained IS 09002 Quality System Certification
  • Registered as a Samsung Heavy Industries Company Contractor
  • CGL BRIDLE ROLL development for Gwangyang Steel, Hanbo Steel
  • Development of induction hardening technology of cement roller at Kawasaki cement plant for DOOSAN
  • Registered as a Hyundai Industries and DOOSAN contractor