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Business Overview

The core of our business is roll manufacturing.  We also provide individual procedures of the roll production for clients’ specific needs.  The heat treatment services lead the market with state of the art facilities, innovative technologies, and experienced staff within the country where is the fifth largest steel maker in the world.
Our strength comes from the industry-leading in-house technical staff and collaboration with subject matter experts around the world as we commit to bring constant innovation and developing advanced technology to create high value products.

Organization Chart

FNE H.F. is organized into three departments and five divisions that perform sales, technology, management, quality assurance and production. The sales department is in charge of all aspects of sales, order or general practice consultations.   The technology department offers solutions for the product objectives and to implement the speed of production, management and ongoing mutual support for the process.  And the management department is helping to meet the productivity, cost issues, and the production process on the client side.

Company Profile

Company Name: Fine HF Ltd.

Plant 1 -Haman Site (Head office)
Ungok-ri 402-12, Saninmyeon Haman, Gyeongsangnam-do

Site size: 25,700 m2
Building Site Size: 11,570 m2
Organization: 3 Departments 5Divisions
Number of Employees: 48 people

Plant 2 – Changwon Site
Namsan-dong 604-3, Sungsan-gu  Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do

Site size: 15,100 m2
Building Site Size: 8,600 m2

Qualifications: ISO9001: 2008, SQ Mark